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8.5" x 11"
100 brochures=$130
250 brochures=$210
1000 brochures=$350
5000 brochures=$650

8.5" x 14"
100 brochures=$150
250 brochures=$270
1000 brochures=$500
5000 brochures=$900

9" x 16"
100 brochures=$170
250 brochures=$280
1000 brochures=$530
5000 brochures=$1200


 Brochures are a great way to introduce your practice, your expertise and your reputation to new clients.

It highlights the best of your business and displays your key services, but most importantly, it has to be interesting,

attractive and informative to your audience.


Z fold, Tri fold or Bi fold
5pt Glossy or Matte
2 sided
Design included


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